Professional, Custom Tailored Lawn Mowing

Professional MowingOur lawn mowing service is the heart of our operation. We have made every effort to customize our program to ensure that customers can hire Blue Grass and consider the chore done for good. Lawns are cut with sharp blades, at the appropriate height, and on a consistent schedule to encourage root growth and drought tolerance. A property profile is constructed detailing your expectations along with your lawns needs. Through good communication and our attention to detail you will notice a difference in our mowing service.


Landscape MaintenanceLandscape Maintenance

It would seem that you only have to turn your back to your landscaping for a second and it becomes unruly – weeds begin to sprout, shrubs look shaggy, and the trees develop low hanging limbs. Blue Grass can eliminate this from your to do list. We provide landscape maintenance at any interval that you prefer. If your needs require a onetime service or time devoted on a reoccurring schedule you can count on us to maintain your curb appeal.


Spring Clean-up

LandscapeEach spring we kick off our season with our spring clean-up program. There is so much to do when winter comes to a close and that is where Blue Grass comes in. We remove leaves and debris that has found its way into your landscaping, along with trimming ornamental grasses, perennials, and shrubbery. When your landscape is clean and prepared we dress up the beds with new mulch. Blue Grass offers a wide variety of mulch to choose from, and nothing makes your landscape pop like new mulch in the spring.


Lawn Renovation

Professional MowerEach year your lawn faces some type of environmental challenge. One year it is drought stress, the next year grubs, and the next a fungus. Whatever the damage may be, Blue Grass can repair it. Whether it is an aeration, dethatching, or verti-slicing service your lawn requires, we can whip it back into shape. We combine high quality seed with thorough soil preparation to bring your lawn back to its full potential.


Fall Clean-up

Leaf and RakeLeaves, leaves, and more leaves! Clogging your gutters, blowing into your open garage, and littering your lawn. Simply put, we remove leaves. First we clean the gutters, next we blow and rake them from the landscape beds and finish by vacuuming them from your lawn. Not a leaf will be left when we are finished.